Coaching And Mentoring For Your White Collar Criminal Justice Journey

This Journey Is Rough, But You Don’t Need To Go It Alone!

If You Are Reading This

If you are reading this then you know that navigating the white collar criminal justice system is a life-changing experience. When mine began in 2014 I was frightened and overwhelmed. I felt completely isolated from my family, friends, former work colleagues, and my community. I hid from the world.

Every day there were very important decisions I had to make; many had little to do with the legal aspects of my case.

I was lost!

Finding A Coach And Mentor Changed Everything!

After weeks of scouring the internet for resources I found a mentor/coach who had been through the White Collar criminal justice system. We connected immediately. At last, someone who understood!

Once our work began we dug deep, getting absolutely clear on my priorities and my challenges. In the weeks that followed we crafted a unique plan that was tailored to my specific needs, including plans to address critical issues that could arise while I was incarcerated.

As the time for me to report to FCI El Reno arrived, my plan was in place.

Through my volunteerism, I have met and worked with dozens of of men and women, and their families. I understand the anxiety, and the questions that are keeping you up at night.

  • Everything Seems Out Of My Control. What Can I Do?
  • What Are The Consequences For My Family? How Do I Talk About This With Them?
  • What Support Systems And Resources Will My Family And I Need? How Do I Find Them?
  • If I Go To Prison How Can I Best Prepare And Use The Experience To Create A Better Future?
  • How Do I Talk Honestly And Effectively About My Conviction?
  • How Do I Rebuild A Career And Regain Financial Stability.

A White Collar Criminal Justice Journey Is Unique.

It is crucial to partner with someone who can empathize and understand the nuances your situation, and who also has the lived experience to provide meaningful support.

I Am Not a Prison Consultant!

  • I will never ask you for thousands of dollars upfront!
    • We will work together on an hourly basis, at a very reasonable rate that will not drain your finances.
  • I will never try to sell you a self-directed or prepackaged plan.
    • No workbooks or videos to buy.
    • Everyone’s journey is unique.
    • We will work together 1-on-1.
  • I will never shill the latest fad promising less prison time!

You Are The Boss.

As your coach my job is to help you identify and clarify your priorities and goals. I keep you accountable and on-track so you achieve them.

Let’s create your personalized plan, tailored to your unique needs.