Meeting Bill Was A Turning Point.

“Meeting Bill Livolsi was a turning point in my journey, and I am forever grateful for the support and guidance he provided through the White Collar Support Group. Bill was the first person to reach out to me, and from that initial phone call, his warmth and inviting demeanor immediately put me at ease.

In a time filled with uncertainty and fear, Bill’s genuine kindness was a beacon of hope, and his vulnerability and transparency about his own experiences with the justice system were incredibly powerful. He openly shared his personal journey, never shying away from discussing the hardships and lessons learned along the way. His honesty made me feel less alone and more understood, providing a much-needed sense of solidarity and camaraderie.

Throughout my journey, Bill was always available, offering his unwavering support during my fear-based calls and anxiety-ridden moments. His understanding of the process, combined with his empathetic nature, made each conversation a lifeline that I could depend on. Bill’s calm and reassuring presence helped me navigate the complex emotions and challenges I faced.

What truly sets Bill apart is his selfless spirit. He consistently provided various resources to aid in my sustainable rehabilitation, going above and beyond to ensure I had the tools and knowledge necessary to rebuild my life. His dedication to making this difficult journey a little easier for others is nothing short of remarkable. Bill Livolsi’s impact on my life is profound. His kindness, openness, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my journey, and I am deeply appreciative of everything he has done. Thank you, Bill, for being a guiding light in one of the darkest times of my life. Your selflessness and compassion have made all the difference.”

BF – Georgia

Bill Helped Me Work Through Issues That Were Important To Me And My Family.

“I began my legal journey back in 2019 and discovered the White Collar Support Group after reading an article in The New Yorker about life after a white collar crime.

By the time I found this article, I was two years into my journey and knew I had to get through the next tough parts. I also knew I needed to start planning, just as I did when I studied in college, bought my house, or started my business. My logical mind understood this, but fear and uncertainty were overwhelming me.

I had been dragging my feet, and avoiding accepting the reality of my situation. I was scared of my own shadow, and I needed someone to hear me out; to listen and understand what I was going through, and help me move forward.

I soon received a call from Bill Livolsi. I had no idea at the time if Bill was also justice-impacted or formerly incarcerated, but his way of speaking with me brought me true peace. Every time we spoke, I never felt rushed. He listened to all my concerns, never thinking they were silly or trivial. Bill helped me work through countless issues that were important to me and my family.

I am not sure how, but after our calls, I would feel a sense of inner of calm and had confidence to keep moving forward.

Thanks to Bill, I know that life will go on after a white collar prosecution, even if it seemed impossible to me at times. I highly recommend Bill and am a better person for knowing him.”

AA – Florida

Bill’s A Valuable Resource.

“I first met Bill virtually on a Tuesday webinar conducted by the White Collar Support Group. Later, I connected with Bill privately by phone. 

During our many interactions, Bill listened patiently and with empathy. I never felt rushed and he was always able to help me look at my issues with an analytical and objective eye. He definitely cared to help me expecting nothing in return. He know how the Criminal Justice system works. He always told me to reach him anytime, day or night if I needed support. I trust him. Bill’s been a valuable resource since the first day we met and gives back immensely to the justice impacted community. Thank You Bill”

RP – New York