About Bill Livolsi

After serving a 24-month sentence for a white collar crime he committed in 2007, Bill Livolsi has dedicated himself to serving others.

Bill is a certified Life coach working with men and women impacted by the criminal justice system (whitecollarcoaching.com). He is currently the Deputy Director of Progressive Prison Ministries and its White Collar Support Group™. The White Collar Support Group is a community of individuals with white collar justice issues who desire to take responsibility for their actions and the wreckage they caused, to make amends, and to move forward into a new spiritual way of life and to reach out in service to others. Bill was also a volunteer with Evolution Reentry Services and was the facilitator of its weekly Justice Impacted Families Support Group.

Bill has been the subject of and has been prominently mentioned in several national periodicals including the New Yorker and USA Today, and has been featured on several major podcasts.

Bill is a graduate of St. Joseph’s University and began his career in accounting and finance in Philadelphia. In the years that followed he held numerous management positions including CFO/Partner and SVP Finance & Administration, at two New York advertising agencies. Bill can be reached at blivolsi@whitecollarcoaching.com, or info@prisonist.org.