Sharing My Journey In The White Collar Justice System

I am honored to be presenting at the 12th Annual Seminar on Fraud Prevention. I will be a featured presenter at the 12th Annual Fraud and Corruption Awareness Seminar sponsored by The Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. Pittsburgh Chapter and the ACFE Greater Pittsburgh Chapter on May 20th at the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Event Center! … Read more

My Story In A Nutshell

If I went back in time, to 2001, and gave myself a warning, would I have listened? “You have a good life right now, all is going well. Your future looks great, BUT keep your ego in check and your priorities focused on the truly important things. If you don’t, you stand to lose all … Read more

Friendships. When To Let Them Go.

My journey in the criminal justice system has been going for almost 15 years. While the most difficult portions of the journey are behind me, a recent event has served as a reminder that it’s never really gone for good (even if it’s just lingering in my head). It has also challenged my concept of … Read more

Halfway House Explainer

A halfway house, is also known as a Residential Reentry Center (RRC). These are transitional living facilities designed to help individuals reintegrate into society after incarceration (or other forms of institutionalization). These facilities serve as a bridge between a controlled environment, such as prison, and independent living in the community. The Bureau of Prisons says … Read more

First Step Act (FSA) And Earned Time Credits.

What Is The First Step Act? The First Step Act is a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill signed into law in December 2018. The Act focuses on reducing recidivism by expanding educational and vocational programs and granting inmates early release credits (FSA Time Credits, aka FTC) for participating in these programs. It also includes provisions to ease mandatory minimum sentences for … Read more

Small Things. Strange Place.

Spending an extended period of time alone can be a good thing. In my case, the forced solitude of federal prison for a white collar crime conviction provided me an opportunity to confront the many personal issues I had neglected for years. FCI El Reno was to be my ‘home’ for 20 months. I self-surrendered … Read more

Visiting Days

I’ve been thinking about something that I am very surprised to be in my consciousness after so very long. From late 2015 to mid 2018 my two youngest and I, and occasionally my older kids, would make a road trip to FMC Carswell from Tulsa to visit my wife (now ex and my youngest kids … Read more